Monday, 28 September 2009

And they say that a hero will save us!

Dear you.

I try my hardest every day to be everything you need, and I can only apologise for the times when I cannot be that, but I hope that you know that each day I try harder, each day I grow as a person, and each day I love you more.

We have never had the easiest of relationships (who does apart from in the movies?), but it has only made us stronger.

With strength from all that I have gained along the way, the admiration that I have for your heroism, and the bond that holds us together, we can get through this and only gain as a whole.

You're my Hero!

I will always be your Gem!

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  1. That's beautiful! Found you on the followers message board and looks like an interesting variety of posts you have so I'll stick with it and catch up on the archives when I get a chance!