Monday, 14 September 2009

Same old, same old.

Had a fun Saturday. Revisited that bar. The atmosphere was electric and I somehow managed to get myself drunk by 9pm, and had to stop drinking to stop the room from spinning. I hate feeling drunk. I met up with an old friend. She asked me if I will be her wedding photographer. I am pretty flattered, and I will really look forward to that day. The best thing about The Anchor is the beer garden. There are not many pubs with beer gardens in my area, and that is annoying with the smoking ban. At least in a beer garden, you can sit down and socialise, instead of leaning up against a wall outside the pub and looking like a hooker. And, not only does The Anchor have a beer garden, but it also has a tunnel which leads to the cellar, which you can hide under to have a cigarette when it rains.

Sunday was not such a great day. Not only did I have the hangover from hell, but MrT was ill, and was showing signs of Swine Flu. I spent most of the day running up and down the stairs checking that he was OK. He slept until 5:30pm. It turns out that MrT cannot handle his alcohol, and it was not Swine Flu as I thought, but a hangover that he would not admit to. TUT TUT!

I am not going out next Saturday night. I am going to catch up on The X Factor, but I can not wait until next time. It has been so nice to not be ill and to see my friends. It has given me the boost I needed.

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