Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Breath Of Courage

I have an appointment to see the Doctor in just over a hour. I have been putting this off for a year. I have not slept all night - Or to be exact, I haven't slept for a year. I am petrified of bad news.

I have never been brave when it comes to truth. I preach how I do not 'get' fantasy, but I am beginning to wonder if I really do exist in what everybody else knows as reality. I convince myself that things are fine; I occupy my brain with different distractions, but today, I have a feeling that I will be hitting the ground with a gigantic thud!

I am finally feeling sleepy. I have been waiting for this wave of exhaustion for what seems like forever, and now it is finally here, I have to face the public. That dreaded waiting room; The horrendous 'Next Please' buzzer; the germs, the sniffs, the coughs, the gossip....


My brain aches to rest. My thoughts crave ease.

what will be the result.... ?

...We'll soon find out!

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