Monday, 21 September 2009

She Drove Me To Daytime Television...

I am lost for words. This is my fifth attempt of writing a blog today. I get one paragraph into writing and delete every word. I am only writing in fear of writer's block again. I could not settle to write a song all weekend, I cannot settle to begin another article for the magazine and now I cannot write a blog. I think I need to get out more. I have not left the house again today. Once again, I awoke in pain from my neck to my ribs. Once again, I have been confined to the couch. Once again, I have not been able to play football with Zed, or kiss MrT for longer than a second, or finish painting, or use the computer for longer than 10 minutes. Once again, I feel like SHIT! I am not experiencing life at all right now and I am suffering creatively.

Ahhh, that feels better. I apologise for complaining about my life.

What I have done today is watch 'umpteen' TV shows; Pointless, The Weakest Link, Eggheads, The Simpsons, Masterchef, Eastenders, Coming Of Age... Then I become board of TV and decided to look at the BBCi player for a new series that started last week that I missed. The program is by Baby Cow productions, which I am a fan of. Baby Cow productions are the makers of Ideal and Marion and Jeff and many other great comedy dramas. I settled at the computer and tuned in on the BBC website and watched episode 1 with very few problems.
When it comes to episode 2, the player would stop after the first minute or so. I refreshed the page over and over, but it still would not work. I decided to download the player for use on my computer. The player itself took no time at all to download, but the program I was trying to watch took 45 minutes. When it finished downloading, I made myself a nice cup of coffee, rolled myself a ciggy and re-settled myself into the computer chair.


It is still getting stuck at the same part. After clearing all my programmes from my computer (Tweetdeck, Google Earth, Photoshop) and it still not working, I gave up and deleted the player in temper. It has left me so mad, I feel like screaming!

So, all-in-all, I have not had a great day. I hate complaining about my life, but believe me, if I had ANYTHING better to offer in my blog today, I would be writing about it.

...there's always tomorrow...

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