Sunday, 20 September 2009

Blast From The Past.

I have been reminiscing today. I found an old suitcase full of my poetry, songwriting, short stories, brian-storms, diaries and rejection letters that I have not seen for many years. I have spent the last few hours reading through them, laughing and cringing. I thought that the suitcase was lost when we moved to our current address, along with the rest of my past, but I found it buried beneath a pile of records on top of my wardrobe. The papers date back to my school days, with so many memories I would rather forget, but reading them only makes me appreciate the life that I have now. I wrote this when I was very young. It made me smile today...

Trip the colours; Catch the light,
Skip the hours through the night,
Ride the waves, the sunset blinds,
Let your thoughts guide you through time.

Pulse rate dances chill-out beats,
And visions enhance sweet deceits.
Even flow, I feel so dense,
Every movement; So intense.

I’m happy here on this cloud alone,
Drifting a hundred miles from home.
But morning nears, and I dread the land,
And all these thoughts get out of hand.

I am really happy to have found that suitcase as I lost it all once when my computer decided to blow up. I had spent hours copying it all onto my hard drive and did not back up my files. It broke my heart.

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