Wednesday, 16 September 2009

X-ray vision?

Today has been much better. I slept all night, slept all day and slept some more. It is now 2am and I am wide awake. My body clock is berserk right now.

I realised today that the article has to be submitted in less than one week, and still, I cannot even think of a title, let alone of completing it on time. I can always submit next month, but I am worried that if I postpone it again this time, I will postpone it forever. My heart is not in this at all. Maybe tomorrow...?

All day, I have had a 'Thursday' feeling, and when you think the weekend starts tomorrow, it is quite disheartening to discover it is not, and you have to re-live Thursday once again. I have no plans this weekend. I have no money to go anywhere or do anything interesting. After the two past great weekends, this one is really going to drag.

I have been reading other people's Blogs today. I wish I was interesting enough to write like those. I wish I could post photographs of discoveries on my wild adventures and have thousand of readers leaving comments. My favourite of the blogs that I read today was of a 'Bearded Man' who discovered he had a very rare eye condition which made his eyesight extraordinarily sharp. Why can't I have X-ray vision? Maybe then I could deliver something better than a Blog of how I slept all day...

Oh well. This is all I have for now. Will hopefully have more exciting news for you next time.

Until then, Hwyl! o/

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