Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mellow Yellow

It feels much more like Autumn today than it did yesterday. The air is fresh and the weight of summer is distant. The fields on the mountainside are slowly changing in colour from lush green to pale yellow, the sky is blue and vibrant and October is fast approaching. I love this time of year; the calm before the storm with party season on the horizon. 98 days until Christmas and the countdown begins, bringing Halloween, Bonfire night and Harvest.

Thursday brought me a smile. I awoke refreshed and bouncy. My mind is much more clear today and the week's events are far behind me. I have had an urge to flee this valley all day and feel a road trip coming. Wednesday, I was invited to join a camera club. I love this idea. Finally, I have an 'excuse' to take pictures and with the colours in my surroundings, there could not be a better time to throw myself back into photography. It was Wayne's idea. Wayne is someone who has lived two streets away from me all of my life, but we did not get talking until I made a group on Facebook dedicated to the place that we live. He suggested that we have a weekly theme to base our photographs, and he will pass on all the information that he picks up from the photography course which he is attending. I am very excited and hope this is not a white elephant.

Kiss and the kittens are doing well. They are still cuddled up in MrT's dressing gown, no further than a foot away from me, wrapped in the warmth of their mother's fur. Occasionally, they squirm around and roll onto their backs. Still so weak and floppy, it is amusing seeing them wriggle back onto their bellies and swim through the fabric back towards the smell of milk. They are no bigger than an adult mouse and I could probably hold them all in one hand at once.

I visited my old comprehensive school again today to pick Zed up from play scheme. It still feels like home, even after ten years, and it is hard to believe that, come September, Zed will be attending that school. It has not changed. I felt like running through those corridors and dancing on the wooden benches like a school-girl. I miss those carefree days so much.

Well, I had better get started on that magazine article. Just 6 days lift until submission deadline and I still have not made a start.

Wish me luck.

Bye x

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