Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Very Special Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
As the snow fell In Wales,
The hills deeply frozen,
Trees battered through Gales.

As the villagers slept,
In the warmth of their beds,
The children dreamt fairytales,
As they snuggled their Teds.

One little boy named Zakk,
Excited and Blessed,
Lay awake through the silence,
He just could not rest.

For he knew any time,
Father Christmas was due,
Bringing gifts for the good ones,
Shiny and new.

He tossed and he turned,
The hours they dragged,
‘Are the gifts even ready?
Are they wrapped up and tagged?’

Every gust of wind startled,
Every creak of the boards.
And he worried if Santa,
Would leave the rewards.

The storms, how they howled,
And the snow gathered thick,
Were they going to delay,
Or divert our Saint Nic?

‘What if he’s lost,
All alone in the snow?
What if he’s stuck?
How would I know?’

‘What if the glow,
Of Rudolf is dimmed,
With the heavy mist,
That smothers the hills?’

He was sad and distressed,
And his heart did beat fast,
And he cried into sleep,
And the hours, they passed.

As he slept, just like magic,
The clouds disappeared,
And somehow, a friend,
With a shiny white beard,

Found his way through the snowfall,
To the good girls and boys,
And he filled their stockings,
With presents of toys.

Zakk was delighted,
With the wonderful surprise,
He was greeted with presents,
As he opened his eyes.

But what made it so special,
Was one elite gift,
A snow globe of a very safe,
Smiley Saint Nick. :)

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