Wednesday, 8 September 2010

...May Angels Lead You In...

Almost a year has passed and it has not got any easier. Everytime his profile appears and I see that famous smile, I die a little inside. I have spent the night going through my inbox. I had planned to delete all of my messages, and then I found THOSE messages and that sicky feeling hit me again, just as hard as the first time. I cannot and will not ever delete them!

It took years to find him and I knew how he was hurting. It took a while to earn his trust... And who could blame him?

...And then it was all worth it. I found, not only my first cousin, but a true friend.

He was my hero! My blood! Little Miss Fix it was going to sew all the pieces of a broken family back together. It took a while, but he saw my sincerity eventually and loved me dearly for it..

...All those plans... I was going to college and he was going to hold my hand, and I was going to make them all proud... just like he did...

...I will never forget that day. After wishing him a Merry Christmas and him telling me that I am a good Mam... I rushed to his profile to wish him a Happy New Year...

I will never forget reading those devastating words bled by his son...

'R.I.P Dad'


To a true gentleman.

It was an HONOR to know you.

One day, I want to be just like you...


Sleep tight Normski.

Until we meet again 'MY DEAR'

Your Dude!



Keep Moving!

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