Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sleeping Pills And Whiskey

Sleeping pills and whiskey. A long goodbye to friends.
Tearstains of a memory. A long to see the end.
All the lies I’ve ever told, spinning through my mind.
All the love inside of me, and all I’ve left behind.

Of all the times to show your face, why did you choose tonight?
Of all the ways to get to me, why was this way so right?
With no one here I can’t pretend. I wont get help. I’m too hell bent.
Time alone is time well spent. Peace and quiet- heaven sent.

Counting the roses around you.
Lying beside you at last.
You can bury the hurt forever.
But you can’t fight the wars of the past.

The bottle’s almost empty and I still can’t get to sleep.
I’m fighting through this moment but the hole I’ve dug is far too deep.
If I ever get to dreaming, will it be long before I go?
If I never see tomorrow, would you ever know?



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