Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Scream Here

Scream Here!

I am bending over so far backwards right now, my head is up my arse! Sometimes, a 'Thank you' would be nice, or a smile, even. When is this going to end? How long before I can breathe a sigh of relief? I hate moaning. That is why I have buried my head in this blog.


Sorry! It has been a very trying day. I should not complain so much and I feel guilt in every word I type. I only had a hour of sleep last night and I am a little run down... But I absolutely HATE bad manners!

Do you know what cheers me up? As odd as it may seem, other people's problems is what makes me smile. Not it a mean way, but I would rather talk about someone else's problems than my own. I am a qualified counselor, believe it or not, and I love helping others. I think that I am so wrapped up in my own shit at the moment, an hour or two of listening to someone else moan for a change would do me the world of good!

What has made you want to SCREAM today? Go on, have a moan and cheer me up :)

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