Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Dance, spirit, dance!
Rumba through flames,
Waltz through the fire,
That spreads through the plane.
Dance through the seasons,
Salsa the storm,
Tempt the restless,
Conger the swarm.
Dance young celestial,
Through oceans, you twist,
Mark your existence,
Erase the desist.
Dance, legend, jive,
Trip the terrain,
Caress the stratus,
Candy kiss the rain.
Dance now, Apache,
Cha-cha the wild,
Chant the epos,
Flower child.
Dance for your legacy,
Dance for your bilk,
Dance for illusion,
Dance for your ilk.
Dance, dear essence,
Release this grasp.
You are unbound from control, now.
You are free at last.

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