Sunday, 11 October 2009

Can't tell the bottle from the mountain top...

The highlight of my week is getting dressed up and meeting up with my friends on a Saturday night. We British women are notorious for our ability to hold our drink and, although I hate the feeling of being drunk, I do like to have a few Vodka and Red Bulls. This fortnight, I have tried going out and not drinking, but sitting in a pub full of drunken friends when your sober is a whole new experience. :oS The music seems louder, the lights seem brighter and everyone seems far more intoxicated. Needless to say, I failed miserably in my mission to stay sober. The stress of people falling into me, spilling drinks over me and laughing far too loudly in my ears drove me insane, and it was not long before I was drowning my worries in Budweiser.

The worst part of staying sober in a pub has to be Karaoke. Oh, the noise!! Any other week, I am practically dancing on the tables in appreciation, but to the 'spare prick in the wedding', Karaoke is hell on earth!!

I have come to the conclusion that a sober barman/woman is almost as saintly as a surgeon!

*nurses the hangover from hell*

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