Saturday, 7 November 2009

A silence for our heroes

Memorial day tomorrow. A day of regret and grief for the brave who have lost their lives at war. The marching bands will play and the country will be silenced to spare a thought for the lives we have lost in battle. It is a beautiful mark of respect to pay, but it does make you wonder, why only for one minute per year!?

I wear my badge with pride. I have a 'Ban The Bomb' sign tattooed on my body. I had the tattoo the same week that America declared war on Afganistan. I cried rivers that week. I could not sleep through the panic attacks and worry from the pictures on the news. I was 18 years old at the time and could not understand why, in this day in age, we would resort to such violence. With all the blood that had been shed in previous carnage, lessons were not learned and once again, we waved Fairwell to our loved ones; some Goodbye forever.

Eight years on and the blood-shed still dominates the news. Each week, a tear falls for more loss. There are no answers nor comfort for the genocide; No motive other than, as far as I can see, 'an eye for an eye'. I want to understand. I want to believe that this is 'right', How can anyone look a person in the eye, that they have never met before and commit the ultimate?

These soldiers, our heroes, give the non-returnable gift of sacrifice and all we have to offer is one minute's silence a year.

One last chance to save a life,

One more day to go,

Have you ever heard of a hero?

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