Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tunnel Vision

Prognosticating the outcome of my troubles with bias possibilities has been the downfall of my hope and optimism. Experience drives my ambition to break the mould of my failure, although history boasts how that method has humoured my inability to learn from my mistakes. Seemingly credulous and a sucker for a vicious circle, perhaps this sudden epiphany will sink deeper than previous alerts.

Undoubtedly, this self-minded, stubborn mule only has herself to blame, but to all those that have offered me ignored advice in the past, I suppose that is a good thing. Blame is a heavy burden to bare.

They say wisdom comes with age and experience. I suddenly agree. If it were not for the many mistakes I had made, I would never have known how to not make them again. I aim to adopt the copy-writes of the infamous ‘I told you so’ by my thirtieth birthday.

Here’s to ‘the hard way’.

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