Sunday, 30 August 2009

Lost in a world of webs

Since I fell ill a year ago, the one thing that has kept me from climbing the walls is my curiosity with the World Wide Web. Not only has it been, at times, my only contact with aquaintances outside of my family circle, but I have become interested - OBSESSED, even, with the ability to learn more about the world outside of these four walls.

I was 16 years old when I first met my son - Just four days after the last of the two GCSEs that I sat, and, with no regrets, that is as far as my education stretched... And my, how the world has evolved since those school compulsory I.T lessons that I avoided ten years ago!

Not only did I set up the Asperger's Awareness community, but I discovered a whole new meaning of open-mindedness. Facebook is to blame. That little web of social destruction has a lot to answer for! My passion for writing was revived, and I have forever since, craved the space to set my creativity unleashed, uncensored and free!

...And suddenly, I find myself lost in a world of Plurks, Twits, Blogs, Spaces, Feeds, Readers and Discussions. Suddenly, I am dizzy and over-run with ability. Suddenly, I'm nobody... Just a puddle of fonts and smilies.


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